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Gourmet Collection Cookie Dough Fundraiser

The Gourmet Cookie Dough fundraiser is back to support the band and guard programs.  The Gourmet Collection includes various types of cookie dough, cake rolls, churros, cinnamon rolls, brownies, bread sticks, and more.  Brochures were sent home that contain all the items but you can also view them on the Arizona Gold Cookie Dough webpage.  Item’s cost $13 each with $5.50 going to the band.  If you would like to place an order but don't have anyone in the band programs, send and email to dvhsbandparents@gmail.com indicating items and quantity you would like to buy.  Payments can be made using the donate button on the Donation Page.

Thank you for supporting the Skyhawk Band and Guard

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Flapjack Breakfast Fundraiser at Applebee's
8:00 AM08:00

Flapjack Breakfast Fundraiser at Applebee's

Applebee's Fundraiser

  • Tickets are $8.
  • Includes:  (3) Pancakes, (2) slices of bacon, syrup, butter and a beverage (coffee, soda, tea, orange juice or milk.) There are no substitutions or additions to this breakfast menu. Pancakes are all-you-can-eat. Beverages are free refills.  


  • Purchase tickets after band camp (starting 8/1/17)
  • Purchase tickets at the Marching Band Kickoff meeting on 8/3/16 in the auditorium lobby.
  • Purchase tickets at Applebee’s at the door on 8/12/16.
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