About DVHS Band Parent Volunteers


The mission of the Deer Valley HS Band Parent Volunteers is to support the activities of and promote interest in all of the Deer Valley High School Band and Auxiliary programs. We accomplish this through the donation of our time, talent and resources.

Our Objectives

  • To support, promote, and maintain a high standard of integrity in all sponsored activities of the band.

  • To foster and promote goodwill and fraternal spirit among the members.

  • To promote and encourage attendance at band activities by parents, friends, faculty, staff and the community.

  • To raise funds to assist in meeting the needs of the Band. Any assistance offered shall first have been deemed to be appropriate by the Executive Board.

How We Help

Our volunteers donate their time and talents to provide support to the band. Here are just a few ways that we help out:

  • Driving equipment in trucks to/from events

  • Help move equipment during performances

  • Assisting with uniform distribution/upkeep

  • Maintenance of equipment

  • Provide food and water at events

  • Provide medical assistance to the band

  • Organize fundraisers for the band

How Fundraising Helps

Through the fundraising events that we hold throughout the year, we are able to help provide financial support to the band in ways such as:

  • Purchase of band/guard equipment

  • Licensing for show music

  • Providing snacks for students at events

  • Licensing for CutTime software

  • Funding this website

Who We Are

The Deer Valley HS Band Parent Volunteers is comprised of parents/guardians of students from the Deer Valley programs.

Volunteers must go through a training session and fingerprinting through the Deer Valley Unified School District. See section “How Can You Help?” for details.

Our Board

The Deer Valley HS Band Parent Volunteers board is comprised of several positions:

  • President

  • Vice President

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Member At Large (several)

The positions are up for election each year. You may join the board at anytime during the school year. For information, send us a request for information on the Contact page.

There's a reason our volunteers have smiles.  It's fun!

Have Questions?

Submit any questions you have about volunteering for the Deer Valley Band and Auxiliary programs on our Contact page.