DVHS Marching Band

Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Join Marching Band?


Marching Band is one of the most rewarding experiences you can be a part of during high school. Everyone in band quickly becomes more like family than anything else. As a freshman, it is a great feeling to already know over 100 people on the first day of school. Students who are on the fence about joining, or think that band is not for them are strongly encouraged to try it for just one season. It goes by much faster than one might think, and new members will quickly realize how much they miss marching season once it ends. Almost all students who join band are very glad that they made the right decision. The DVHS Band has fantastic staff members and student leaders to help you reach your full potential, and they will be there to help you every step of the way. What reason is there not to join? Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime experience! 

Fun Facts About the Band

  • The band won 1st, 4th, and 3rd place in division 2 and 4th place in division 3 in the last 4 ABODA State Championships.

  • The band has traveled to California when competition schedule allows.

  • The band has attended the NAU Band Day in the past.

  • Our “hats” are called shakos. Yes, it IS possible to march and play at the same time.

  • The band marches in the school homecoming parade every year.

  • The band marched in the 2014 Fiesta Bowl Parade and was awarded 1st Place.


In Town Tuesdays

In-Town Tuesdays are a great way for our new members to become familiar with everyone in band, and to get a head start on learning their music. These rehearsals are on every Tuesday night over the summer. Participation is optional, but attendance is highly recommended to get a head start on learning music and marching basics. During these rehearsals, we will also take care of checking out instruments, and address other important events such as our Freshman Fun Day and band camp. Hope to see you there! 

Band Camp

Band Camp is one of the most fun and important events for all of our band members to attend. We will be learning marching basics, playing games, having a spirit week, making new friends and most importantly, learning our show. It is usually two weeks prior to school.  


Yes, You CAN do Marching Band and Another Sport

We have many band members who are involved in other sports and extracurricular activities during marching season. If practices or games have conflicts with our rehearsal schedules, we will talk with coaches and do our best to find a solution that will work with both activities. However, it is very important that you attend every rehearsal possible. 

When Are Marching Band Rehearsals?

Marching Band rehearsals are held after school starts. Attendance at these rehearsals is very important as this is when we work on our marching show the most. 

When are Football Games and Competitions

The band performs at almost all home and away football games. During the games, the band plays their stand tunes, and performs their marching show either at pregame or halftime. We also compete in several different competitions throughout the season. Typically, one is in California and the rest are local. Our last competition is usually in November, and football games start in August and can go as late as November depending on the football team’s season. All band members are expected to attend all performances and rehearsals. The date for all performances including football games and and competitions are listed on the Events Page.

Do I Have to Pay to Be in Marching Band?

Each band member is required to pay band fees each season. Band fees go towards paying for our show, uniform cleaning, instrument repairs and purchases, transportation rentals, paying our staff, entry fees for competitions, and many other things. You can make payments over time, and we have fundraising opportunities to help reduce the cost. It is also possible to pay for all or a portion of the cost using your school tax credit. Information and pamphlets about the school tax credit can be found on the Deer Valley District Tax Donation webpage, in your school’s front office, or online at www.dvusd.org. Additional questions concerning band fees will be addressed at an upcoming meeting. 

More Questions?

Submit any questions you have about the Deer Valley Marching Band on our Contacts Page.