Volunteer Positions

Volunteers are needed for the following positions each year.  Please consider volunteering for one of these positions to help continue the prestigious band program at DVHS.  Note that you need to be an approved volunteer to volunteer for these positions but you don’t necessarily need to be on the board, although it’s helpful.

Uniform Room Coordinators

The uniform coordinators assigns uniforms to students, hands uniforms out for performances, stores uniforms, coordinates hemming of uniforms, and more.  Two uniform coordinators are needed due to the number of uniforms.  Coordinators in place by the first In-town Tuesday on June 13th to start preparing uniforms for the next marching season.  The current coordinators, Jenny and Mary, are willing to train those that are interested in taking over.  Please contact Jenny Johnson if interested or with any questions at kentmj@sprynet.com or 623-825-0525.

Plumes Coordinator

Coordinates the distrubution of plumes at marching band events.  Makes sure plumes are properly stored and protected.

Volunteer Coordinators

Volunteer Coordinators keep track of approved volunteers and ensures their records are up to date, help new volunteers complete the approval process, and manage the Charms online volunteer signup lists for band events and some fundraisers.  One to two coordinators are needed for this position and need to attend board meetings since that's when most of the planning that requires volunteers is done.

Fundraiser/Facilities Request Coordinator

Coordinates fundraisers and ensures there are volunteers assigned to organize various fundraisers.  Submits facilities requests for all fundraisers, school facilities, and school equipment.

Band Physician or Trained Medical Provider

The Band Physician or Trained Medical Provider supports band events and performances to administer first aide when necessary and they also distribute medication on band trips.  Need 1 parent minimum for this position.


The Videographer videotapes marching band performances (football games and competitions) to aide the band directors in developing the marching band show.  They also videotapes select concerts.  Need 1 parent for this position.


Band photographer(s) take photographs at band events, performances, gatherings, and concerts to give us photos to post on our Shutterfly share site.   Although a photographer is not absolutely necessary, it provides us with photos to enjoy and treasure.  It’s nice to have one or a few parents to count on for this although everyone is encouraged to take photos and share them.

Pit Crew Chief

The Pit Crew Chief coordinates the pit crew and ensures volunteers are assigned to all positions and understand their assignment.  It would be preferable to have 1 parent for this position.

Webmaster for website

The Webmaster manages the band parent volunteer website (dvhsbandboosters.org).  We currently use Squarespace as the website provider